Praca dla absolwentów informatyki

Work for IT graduates

Computer science is a fairly broad concept. It covers the whole range of professions related to the Internet. Each career path includes a variety of exciting and lucrative specializations. If you want to join the group of IT experts, you can finish a good IT studies.


Along with introducing new innovations in technology, IT professionals must face the challenge of learning to use and maintain new tools and software. Then we will keep abreast of the business world. In today’s market, it is not enough to be good in just one area. We should have at least some valuable skills to be competitive.


Big Data


If you’re surprised that Big Data has made it onto your skill list, you are clearly not paying much attention to it. It’s a huge component of the tech industry today, and companies want to use this data to gain a competitive advantage. In this way, they will gain insight into customer behavior and user patterns. Many companies produce Big Data and cannot be managed without a competent IT specialist. He can intercept such data, as well as process, analyze and interpret it. A good IT specialist must have such skills.




Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform. It allows users to create, deploy and manage applications through its services. It helps to streamline and simplify the development and analysis of mobile applications. The Azure platform is designed to increase the productivity of professionals. It is an extremely important tool.




Many seasoned computer scientists have dealt with the Bugzilla at one time. However, in recent years, JIRA has become popular with many hiring managers looking for a specific skill set. JIRA is a service that allows you to track bugs, problems and manage projects. It is used by many online companies that are available on the market today. Information technology experts who are comfortable with JIRA systems argue that their skill set is often a prerequisite for employers, rather than just a nice asset.


Information technology engineer


With the growing popularity of Internet-related subjects, IT engineers are increasingly needed. They deal with the design, programming, application, production and maintenance of electronic systems. The IT engineer will be in an extremely attractive position on the labor market. From large corporations to smaller startups, they are looking for specialists.


Cloud computing


It is becoming more and more popular. Businesses are starting to adapt cloud computing services, and the rapid growth means that the demand for people with the skills to maintain and operate cloud architecture is steadily increasing. 


Candidates with relevant experience find lucrative job offers in the best companies. Many companies rely on the cloud to help them with their day-to-day operations. The demand for experts in this field will definitely increase in the next five years. Therefore, it is imperative that we acquire such skills.


Technical support


These types of IT specialists can be employed in various positions, e.g. help desk employees, IT analysts or IT managers. Their main task is to advise clients on problem solving. Technical support usually covers hardware issues as well as user-level programming. It helps less experienced people in solving computer problems. This makes communication skills, problem-solving and comprehensive technological knowledge an asset.




They write and test software development code. It can be both a simple computer game and a text tool, as well as complex operating systems and database management systems. A specialist should pay attention to details, think logically. Must be able to work in a team.


Web developers


They often have the most visible tasks. They are responsible for building websites and infrastructure. The balance between creativity and technical agility is important. 


Computer systems analyst


They are multitaskers in computer science. They must be proficient in the following areas: computer hardware, software, and internet networks. They should also understand the interdependencies. Much of their work is based on introducing companies to which systems are worth using and adapting them to the needs of the organization, including costs. This job requires a wide variety of skills, including the quick and effective analysis of information, excellent communication, and the ability to persuade when needed.


IT security


It is currently one of the most important areas of IT on the market. Professionals are responsible for protecting the organization from malicious digital attacks. This includes implementing and running security software, scanning for irregularities, updating systems, and informing the company of the risks associated with day-to-day operations. It requires the ability to solve many problems, crisis management and effective communication between specialists and business owners.


Network engineer


He has a lot to say in terms of responsibilities – he is responsible for creating, administering, maintaining and modernizing local and wide-area networks for organizations. Depending on the job description, they may be responsible for security, data storage and disaster recovery. Must be able to plan, analyze and solve problems.