Jakie mieszkanie wybrać dla siebie?

Which apartment should I choose for myself?

In the times in which we live, it has become an absolute priority for both young and slightly older people to live in their own apartment or house. While the latter is difficult to afford (it is a very big obligation, requiring us to even have a slightly larger family), the first solution is not only less obliging, but also better promising for the future. Even if new apartments in Warsaw do not prove themselves in practice, we will always be able to rent them, not only to refund the purchase cost, but also to start earning money on them.

However, if we buy an apartment typically for the purpose of living in it, we must pay attention to two options for its purchase: the one assuming its purchase from “second hand”, and therefore the secondary market, and the one related to the use of the services of a developer who is currently listing new apartments in Warsaw  for sale. Although both have their supporters, advantages and disadvantages, nowadays it is much more popular to focus on the so-called “developers” – all due to the fact that people simply do not trust an apartment from the secondary market. It is true that when you decide to do so, you can always have the question “why does someone want to get rid of it” or “what is wrong with it if someone does not want to live in it”. However, if we have already decided to buy a development flat, what should we pay attention to when choosing it?

What to look for when choosing a developer flat?

When deciding to buy a new apartment in Warsaw, we are faced with a series of very important decisions, not at all made easier by the fact that currently in every major city, including Warsaw, a lot of development investments are being carried out. What should we pay attention to in the first place, if we are already sure and want to get “on our own”?

– for the right location of the apartment – although we cannot aim at the very center, because new apartments in Warsaw are built almost exclusively on the outskirts, let’s make sure that the location allows you to get everywhere relatively quickly and easily, also using public transport;

– the trust the developer enjoys – it is worth reviewing the opinions about the developer before using his services – if he has already made an investment available to people, its tenants have certainly already commented on it;

– to the standard of the developer’s other investments – if the apartment we are currently viewing is not being built in the developer’s only investment, and some other one already exists, we should just visit it. If we ask the developer himself to do it, he shouldn’t get in our way; doing this, we will check the quality of the apartments he supplies, which is of key importance – especially since new apartments in Warsaw are usually built in a similar way to those already built;

– for general “additions” to the main offer – apart from the apartment itself, the directly accompanying elements are also very important. The advantage is, for example, a private underground car park or a guarded and fenced estate – these are usually standard, but it is worth making sure when making decisions.

Receipt of the development apartment

New apartments in Warsaw are distinguished by the fact that they have just been put into use. As we are their first owners, we must ensure that the team that prepares them returns them in perfect condition . The word “perfect” should be emphasized here, because this is what the apartment we buy must be – without any exceptions, perfect in every way. After all, we pay for it. During the collection of the apartment, and therefore the visit ending with the signing of a legally binding contract, during which we view the apartment itself, we must therefore pay attention to everything. So at the beginning we will look at whether everything looks okay – if we notice something that could alarm us, let’s note it right away.

The best step when picking up the apartment is to take a knowledgeable person with you , for example someone who renovates the apartment – even if it is payable, it is an expense that will allow us to sleep peacefully. Remember that the faults that we find when picking up the flat, the developer is obliged to remove – at least in the case of most preliminary contracts. The situation is different if we find the defect after signing the acceptance protocol – then it is up to us to repair it. Not only do we have to do it ourselves, but no one will reimburse us for the entire procedure. That is why it is so important that the purchase of a new apartment in Warsaw is something reasonable also when taking it from the developer.


When deciding on a new apartment in Warsaw, we must pay attention to many aspects, including its location, the trust that the developer enjoys and what the apartment itself looks like in terms of whether it is the layout or the floor on which it is located. Due to the huge choice we are dealing with at the moment, we should not have problems choosing the right place where we will feel comfortable and live a very large part of our life.