Jakie tapety wybrać do mieszkania?

What wallpapers to choose for an apartment?

During the renovation of the apartment, it is also time to slightly change the wall decorations. Wall murals are one of the solutions proposed on the market. Among them, you can choose a lot of interesting models that are able to meet various expectations. Some wallpapers are of really good quality and are very resistant.

Why choose wall murals?

We can protect the walls with various products, so why should they be wall wallpapers? In the case of this product, we can talk about a really large selection of designs, materials and properties. Maybe when you go to one store you will not be able to see every available solution, but it will certainly not be a problem on the Internet to find exactly what you want.

Wallpapers can be matched to any room. They fit in the corridor, in the living room, in the bathroom and in the kitchen. There are so many patterns that each one will suit the character of a given room. You can choose more sterile designs for the bathroom, but you can also go crazy and choose completely patterned wallpapers for the living room. This is a very practical solution because such wallpapers, if applied skillfully, can be put on very quickly and also removed. Even if someone wishes that these elements of the decor should be changed frequently, it will not be a problem.

You do not need any special skills to apply wallpapers, only the ability to use a knife and the ability to apply glue. Probably everyone can handle it.

Wallpapers are also an increasingly popular solution as the materials from which they are made are constantly being improved and more resistant, durable and better wallpapers are created. Different types of wallpaper may have different properties. So you can choose one that is resistant to moisture and scratches, which will certainly be useful in the kitchen and bathroom, where it is very easy to damage the wallpaper, among other things, and you can choose one that is resistant to mechanical damage and place it in the child’s room, without fear that it will quickly get scratched.

What types of wallpaper are on the market?

Some probably think that the only wallpapers that can be found on the market are paper wallpapers, but in fact, although still often chosen, the more customers learn about other wallpapers, the more often they buy them. Among the wall wallpapers you can distinguish:

  • Paper wallpapers – available in single and double-layer versions. Their advantage is that they are very cheap and easy to remove, but they are also easy to damage and are not resistant to washing and damage, so the slightly stained wallpaper can be changed.
  • Vinyl wallpapers – It is one of the types of washable wallpapers, the top layer of which is covered with vinyl that is very resistant to damage. They can be cleaned with chemicals without any obstacles, and no damage will occur on them. We can choose from both regular, flat and foamed wallpapers, i.e. masking irregularities on the walls.
  • Fiberglass wallpaper – They may look like a piece of linen. They are very durable and resistant to damage, as well as to water and fire wallpapers. Additionally, they can be protected with vinyl paint. Unfortunately, their downside is that they are very difficult to remove.
  • Cork wallpapers – this is a discovery that is constantly conquering the market. Cork is a material that works well on walls, floors and ceilings. Wallpapers made of it have paper as the first layer and cork as the second. Cork retains heat very well and mutes the room, so it is perfect for rooms such as a child’s room or a room where the household members rest. It can be strengthened with a layer of varnish.
  • Wall murals – this is a unique type of wallpaper that is coming a resurgence in the market. Currently, there are many companies that deal with this type of wallpaper. They are made of various materials, but mainly attention is paid to them because, in fact, they can be printed on any patterns, so the apartment can be freely styled.
  • Spray wallpaper – this is a type of wallpaper that is not traditionally applied and does not initially look like wallpaper. The method of their application is that paint or glue is applied as the first layer, and cellulose, cotton or silk is the second layer. This creates a rough surface with single or multi-colored dots.

These are, of course, not all types that can be found on the market. There is really a lot to choose from, so now if someone is in the process of changing the wallpaper in a room, they can think about which type suits them best.

Thanks to wallpapers, you can create a truly unique and unique atmosphere in the apartment, so it is not worth choosing the one that will be rolled up first, but it is better to think carefully and slowly choose. It is also worth remembering that after applying the wallpaper, protect it properly, which will increase and extend its durability.