Na co zwrócić uwagę wybierając etui na telefon?

What to look for when choosing a phone case?

If we are just before buying a case for our phone, we are certainly wondering what solution will be the best for us. It is known that we care about the best protection for the phone, design, good quality product and other issues that are of paramount importance to us. Undoubtedly, the phone case is an accessory that is worth having if we want to be fully satisfied with the use of the phone, without fear that it will break quickly, that the smartphone will scratch, that the new device will no longer fulfill its tasks. Sometimes an unfortunate fall is enough, and suddenly the phone is only fit for repair. Why expose ourselves to it if we can protect ourselves from it? 

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When choosing such a case, you should pay attention to several important elements so that you can choose an appropriate solution. So what is important?

  • material from which the case was made

It is a very important element that determines the stiffness or flexibility of the product, while fulfilling a greater or less protective function. Not every solution turns out to be good and sometimes we invest in a given phone case, and this does not really provide any protection at all. So in order to take care of the best, the material is very important, also visually, if we care about the appearance. Typically, such products are made of TPU, i.e. thermoplastic polyurethane, a plastic that protects the smartphone very well.

  • thickness of the case

Each case is different and each product looks completely different. When choosing a model, we should pay attention to, among other things, whether the case is well held in our hands with the phone, gaining the comfort of use and whether it will adequately protect our smartphone during a fall. The thicker the case, the more it works in its role. The fact is that the thin ones do not make the phone thicker, but their fall protection is really very low.

  • additional functions

A modern phone case has many useful functions that turn out to be very practical in everyday use. So what do such additional solutions have? The ideal ones are those that have a phone stand, so they are designed in such a way that we can place the phone vertically or horizontally while watching a movie, for example. Products that have a compartment for cards, documents or banknotes work well. Thanks to this, we do not have to carry a wallet with us, because we have everything in one place. Powerbanks are also very popular, which are increasingly appearing in the offer of stores, which offer us various phone covers. You can also choose an option with a mirror, which women love. They do not have to carry an additional mirror in their purse, but when having a phone, they always have it with them.

Phone case for athletes

And if you are an active person, who likes to live in a constant run, loves sports and extreme experiences, it is definitely worth paying attention to the waterproof phone case, the one that will fully protect our smartphone from damage even in the craziest moments. You can take such a case with you, for example, on kayaks, on a forest crossing, on obstacle runs. It is designed in such a way that it will fulfill its primary tasks even in the most difficult conditions. The sports case can come in various shapes and is available in many versions. For example, for cyclists, the available phone case has a special holder to attach to the steering wheel, has built-in headphones or a special output for them. The case for runners is mounted in a special way on the hands, without giving any discomfort or discomfort. Every active person, no matter what sport they do, should definitely pay attention to the right cover for their phone and choose it,to be able to fully enjoy its functionality.

How much does a phone case cost?

And if we stay on the topic of the case, the price is certainly one of the most important elements that we pay attention to. After all, each of us is looking for a solution that would be cheap and good, right? By choosing a phone case, we are able to achieve just that. As for the price range, it is really huge. We will get the cheapest for less than PLN 10. However, they are of poor quality and if they provide a security, then only for a short time. You can choose a slightly more expensive case for PLN 30-45, where the quality is relatively good, but it also depends on the model, so we must pay attention to what the models are made of, how they protect the smartphone, how they are constructed and how they are applied to Telephone. And the third group consists of collateral for PLN 50-80,which are already top-shelf products and usually provide 100% protection in all conditions. They are made of the highest quality materials, tested in laboratories and constructed in such a way that they fulfill their primary tasks all the time.