Vademecum bongo

Vademecum bongo

Bongs with a diffuser, glass bongs, plastic bongs … These are just a few of the wide range that each prestigious bong store is equipped with. This hookah can be made of various types of materials such as glass, acrylic, wood or bamboo. Its shape is also not uniform and leaves no room for maneuver in the imagination of its maker. 

Namely, they take on multiple contours, looks, forms and silhouettes, for example:

  • classic longitudinal pipe;
  • jugs and pitchers;
  • snails;
  • spirals;
  • skulls and skulls;
  • female breasts; – male genitals;
  • musical instruments;
  • firearms, pistols, hunting weapons;
  • handcuffs;
  • dragons;
  • devils;
  • many different weirdest shapes.

However, when buying a bong, do not be guided only by the appearance and sophisticated shape – it is important that it is made of a thick and solid material that does not break and damage during the first use (because such situations also occur when buying a cheap bong, for example, very thin glass, which breaks even from high temperature). When choosing a good bong, you should also pay attention to height and size.

Hookah classification according to the material: – glass bongs: the most popular, because the most practical. Glass is used to keep the water cool, because it is cool on its own, and also gets cold from cool water. Moreover, only glass bongs can be “ice”. Contrary to acrylic, glass does not soak up aromas. – acrylic bong; – silicone bongs; – wooden bongs; – bamboo bongs.

Bong categorization by enhancers:

– bong with a diffuser and percolator – it is a bong with advanced smoke filtration, which makes smoking the herb from such a bong the safest, the least interfering with health, but also providing the greatest sensations, as it guarantees very large smoke fumes. – ice bongs – with special tabs, into which ice cubes are placed to better cool the smoke.

The production of this type of equipment is very painstaking work. Bong performers are very patient and persistent people – they are dealing with glass after all. Because it is the glass ones that they most often make. They model this material with fire, giving it various, sophisticated shapes, but also the simplest, traditional ones. The process of creating a bong begins with a piece of paper – this is where the first projects and ideas are drawn. It has the shape of a bong, color and general outline. Often these are ideas that arise on the spur of the moment, such as finding out about the new colors of glass. After drawing and accepting the sketch, the glass needed to complete the project is measured. Then the tubes are laid out to serve this purpose. Employees obtain security and start work – with the help of fire they create newunique work.

Online bong stores have a huge selection of bongs in many colors, forms, patterns and sizes, such as for example: – honey bong; – Jake’s Dog-shaped bong; – ship bong in a bottle; – Fosfeny bongo; – Cosmic Donut bong; – the bongo of Cat Philemon; – bong Cactus Second. We already have a roughly approximate shape of a bong – its types and types, now let’s consider whether it makes sense to invest in a bong at all. Are there better cannabis smoking gadgets and accessories?

– The first argument for a bong is the fact that the smoke in it is filtered, so it gets rid of as much as 90% of harmful compounds. An interesting fact is that bong water removes cytotoxic substances when smoked, so smoking may have a positive effect on patients with weak immune systems. – Moreover, compared to the more technologically advanced herb smoking equipment, the bong is easy to handle. – The counter-argument for bongs is that by filtering smoke, it gets rid of not only tar, but also those with a high concentration of cannabinoids. – Unlike vaporizers, they do not protect the lungs to such a great extent from the harmful effects of smoke.

If someone is still not convinced by the wide selection and positive features of a bong, he can also smoke: – tissue paper; – a barrel; – vaporizers; – homemade accessories (bongo made from a bottle, bucket).

Finally, it should also be noted that bongs are not only for smoking marijuana. And although every bongo shop has a lot of information about cannabis sativa in its offer and advertisements, while going there we can buy a bong for strictly medicinal purposes – to smoke sage, or for recreational purposes or to experience new taste sensations – to smoke tobacco, often with different flavors.