Rola odpowiedniego biura tłumaczeń w ekspansji firmy

The role of an appropriate translation agency in the company’s expansion

Successful running of a company is associated not only with very good earnings, constant increase in revenues and simply building its reputation, but also with the constantly growing desire to expand – not only within Poland itself, but also abroad. Especially if you operate in an unusual company and one that has a good chance of success abroad.

Unfortunately, it often turns out that expansion is associated with the biggest problem – the language barrier, and although most of us have the ability to speak at least one foreign language, it does not always correspond to the direction of our expansion. Then it may be necessary to reach for expert services, including those offered by a translation agency – preferably not the first better ones, but those that will meet our requirements and expectations.In this article, we will try to describe which offices to pay attention to and why you should entrust them with translations.

To what extent should a translation agency help us?

From the very beginning, it should be remembered that the translation agency must convey exactly what we want to convey to our foreign colleagues and clients. It can also translate contracts for our foreign employees (this may require so-called sworn translations), translate e-mails “on the fly”, with constant access to our mailbox. However, we should not blame the translation agency for possible failures in dealing with people from abroad – this is the most common mistake of entrepreneurs using this type of service. It must be remembered that the office only translates – it does not analyze and does not judge the correctness of what we say. We are the interlocutor here, and it is the means of communicating what we have to say.

Features of an ideal translation agency for our company

Objective determination of the characteristics of a translation agency that will work for our company is not possible due to what we have already mentioned. It is about individual requirements and expectations of each of us. However, there are a number of features that every entrepreneur should pay attention to when cooperating with a translation agency.

These include, among others:

  • a wide and flexible offer – if we want to expand our company, we must have a predetermined direction (covering not only the first country, but also subsequent ones) – it is on this basis that we can choose a translation company whose offer will coincide with the languages ​​that we may need in future; the flexibility of a given translation agency is also important – it is supposed to adapt to our pace and know when we expect a “fast” text, in which the deadline and message are important, and not necessarily outstanding quality, and when we require excellent quality with a longer lead time ;
  • punctuality and reliability – it is not without reason that there is a phrase in the business world that “time is money” – a translation agency cannot inhibit us and should perform its tasks as quickly as it declares itself;
  • adequate price – both offices that take too little for translations and those that count too much are untrustworthy – so let’s bet on the so-called golden mean, so as not to regret our choice in the future;
  • the possibility of trust – while running a company, we know very well how important and often confidential documents pass through it; the translation company with which we will work will have to translate them, therefore let’s make sure that it is trustworthy and actually only translates, not seeing any profit in immoral and not entirely desirable actions;
  • proximity to location – we are not always able to deliver texts to be translated electronically (and we don’t always want to do it); Therefore, it is worth having a translation office at hand, also in terms of location, so that you can always just drive up to it, talk to it and establish an action plan, as well as patterns of further cooperation; convenience above all!
  • knowledge of our industry – each industry has its own specialized vocabulary that you have to read – let’s find a company for which it will not be a problem and which will prepare properly for its activities.


When entering into cooperation with any translation agency, we must be aware that it will not help us directly in activities aimed at the expansion of our company to foreign markets. It will only be a means by which we will have to act ourselves- Being aware of this, we can choose an office that will suit our strategy and meet our expectations, which usually should be related to the timeliness of services combined with high quality, professionalism and faithfulness to the translation. However, let’s not expect iota-by-a-jot translations and pay attention to the fact that at the pace at which each company operates and what is expected of a translation agency, it is more important to convey exactly what we want to say. Not necessarily dressed in identical, translated “one-to-one” words.