Odmładzająca moc śluzu ślimaka - zabiegi kosmetyczne

The rejuvenating power of snail mucus – cosmetic treatments

Cosmetic treatments with the use of snail mucus are becoming more and more popular. This innovative method of care gains new followers every year. The substances contained in the snail’s mucus have a strong regenerating effect on the skin of the face and neckline. What’s more, it will work well for both atopic and normal skin. The action of preparations containing this unusual ingredient regulates the amount of secreted sebum and causes a smoothing effect. It is a suitable proposition for women of all ages. Snail mucus helps in the fight against discoloration, broken capillaries and even acne. It is also irreplaceable in the process of reducing wrinkles and preventing the formation of new ones. There are creams, masks, gels and other products on the market that contain it,however, the most effective are professional cosmetic treatments, during which it is even pumped into the skin. Thanks to this, the improvement in appearance is noticeable after the first visit to the beautician. The face color immediately seems more attractive thanks to the natural exfoliation of the old epidermis.

Properties of snail mucus

Snail mucus contains cryptosis, i.e. an ingredient with a strong protective, regenerating and moisturizing effect. Moreover, the mentioned substance is also an irreplaceable bactericide, thanks to which snail slime products are also suitable for people with problematic skin (e.g. atopic or acne-prone skin). Numerous tests under laboratory conditions have shown that this substance is able to repair damaged tissues and is an effective and natural antioxidant. It is also interesting that it is responsible for increasing the production of fibroblasts.

Cosmetic treatment
Beauty treatments

Snail mucus is obtained in a completely natural way and does not contain any artificial preservatives. It stimulates cell growth, helps in the healing process, reduces the visibility of existing scars and wrinkles, and actively contributes to moisturizing dry skin. Cosmetic treatments with the use of snail mucus are intended for all women who want to effectively improve their appearance, eliminate old epidermis and nourish the skin of the face. It is worth knowing that this natural product is an excellent source of collagen, allantoin, elastin, and many important vitamins.

Snail slime has been used in Asia for many years. Cosmetics containing it in their composition break sales records in that part of the world. They are used in the care of damaged skin prone to irritation, in order to neutralize the existing inflammation, and even after some cosmetic procedures in the field of plastic surgery due to its excellent regenerating properties.

Who are such cosmetic treatments intended for?

Snail mucus is a highly effective way to stave off any skin problems. The extract obtained from it reduces acne lesions and supports the regeneration process of damaged epidermis. The use of cosmetics containing this unique substance allows to significantly reduce the visibility of scars, discoloration and signs of skin aging. Care products of this type are an appropriate proposition for women of all ages who want to improve their appearance and exfoliate the old epidermis.

Cosmetic treatments using snail mucus are intended for all skin types, in particular for the skin:

  • with visible signs of deterioration;
  • gray, devoid of natural glow;
  • with a high degree of dehydration;
  • with acne lesions;
  • porous, with many spots and scars;
  • with the need for high regeneration.

Thanks to cosmetic treatments of this type, you can observe the following process of rebuilding the epidermis almost immediately, reducing the visibility of scars and wrinkles, intensive hydration, reducing discoloration and spots that indicate old age, brightening and improving the skin tone, smoothing and elasticizing the skin of the face, reducing acne traces, narrowing pores, reduction of mimic wrinkles and “crow’s feet” around the eyes.

Rejuvenating properties

Snail mucus has a strong repair, antibacterial and exfoliating effect. Regular use of cosmetics containing it in the composition effectively rejuvenates and delays the aging process of the skin. Such care is a great proposition for women of all ages and skin types.

Cosmetic treatment with the use of snail mucus takes place in several stages. First, the facial skin is thoroughly cleansed, then cavitation peeling or microdermabrasion follows. The next steps are regeneration and sonophoresis with an ampoule. Then a sheet mask is put on the face. The treatment ends with a massage with snail mucus cream. The serum is massaged manually by the beautician, and its rich formula penetrates even the delicate eye area. The effects of the treatment are visible almost immediately, but if you want them to last longer, you should visit a beauty salon regularly.