The most recommended bedding for children

Objects surrounding the child should be beautiful and joyful, they largely create the mood of the child, who will be happy to go to bed, in which there will be colorful and fancy bedding for children. Wrapped in a warm duvet, they will remember their favorite stories from cartoons. Waking up with good friends will also be much more fun for your baby.

Bedding for children – choice according to the type of cot

All children’s bedding sets, consisting of pillowcases, duvet covers and sheets, are primarily intended for two types of bed. Some of them are used in small bedding sizes, in which the baby sleeps from birth to 4-5 years. Others are intended for children’s sofas and couches.

In addition, if the baby sets are made in neutral pastel colors, older children are offered colored bedding sets with a specific theme. For girls, manufacturers sew pink and lilac bedding with princesses and locks depicted on it. The boys are directed to sets with superheroes, cars and motorbikes. Sets with animals: penguins, dogs will please both.

Features of children’s bedding

With the advent of a child in the family, parents have a lot of pleasant problems. They try to surround the child with only the best, focusing on the safety of objects and things with which they will come into contact. This also applies to the selection of bedding and accessories for the cot, mattresses, pillows, blankets. It is not easy for many children to go to bed, that’s a fact. Colorful bedding will solve this problem. It is enough to choose a bedding set with the image of favorite fairy-tale characters and the child will be happy to go to sleep, eg Winnie the Pooh, Star Wars and many others.

Children’s bedding sets are made of high-quality natural fabrics (satin, calico, flannel). They do not fade in the sun, do not lose their original shape after repeated washing. Beautiful, elegant packaging makes each set a great gift for any occasion. Children’s bedding should be unique: soft, pleasant to the touch and also highly ecological. This is especially important for kits for the smallest family members, as the delicate skin of a baby in the first years of life is extremely sensitive.

In stores, you can see original bedding collections for children of different ages: soft bedding for babies, beautiful sets for older children, as well as a special pattern for teenagers with their rebellious spirit. The dyes used in the production of such products should be of the highest quality so that the linen retains the saturation and vividness of colors for a long time, the material looks new even after long use.

How to choose a bedding set for a child?

Children’s bedding may vary in color, shape and size, however, they have common mandatory features:

  • Security. The material should be hypoallergenic and should not release any toxic substances.
  • Breathable. Linen should have a high degree of airing and not create a greenhouse effect.
  • Hygroscopicity. For children’s products, good absorption of excess moisture is required.
  • Wear resistance. Children’s kits wear out quickly, so a high-quality product must withstand the maximum number of washes without losing shape and color.
  • In order for the children’s bed to meet the requirements, the material of the set should be taken into account when choosing.

Assortment of bedding for children

Bedding for the smallest children is mainly made of silky, very delicate fabrics. However, the highest quality thanks to which this particular material is used in children’s sets is the high level of comfort of the material, which gives an amazing tactile experience. Cotton and related materials resemble silk with its delicacy and softness. The sizes of these sets are designed for small cots: the sheet is 120 × 140 cm, duvet covers 100 × 140 cm, pillowcases for small pillows 40 × 60 cm.

For older children, a line of bedding made of delicate, comfortable cotton satin with expressive attractive prints is launched, which will appeal to both boys and girls. Naughty owls, cute little rabbits, a stylized floral ornament and a monochrome city landscape, there is something for every child in the children’s bedding collection. The design decision for teens in the style of youth comics looks interesting.

All children’s sets are available in standard sizes: duvet covers 145 × 200 and 200 × 210 cm, sheets 180 × 220, 230 × 250 and 240 × 270 cm. Pillowcases are suitable for standard 50 × 70 cm pillows. Comfort and softness of the fabric, high quality of sewing and used dyes, original original design are the key to good mood of the child before bedtime and guarantee relaxation on the soft, comfortable surface of the fabric. Moreover, such kits will not be a problem for the entire life cycle. Children’s bedding is a great gift for a child of any age.