Szkło hartowane i futerały - jak chronić ekran przed rozbiciem?

Tempered glass and cases – how to protect the screen from breaking?

There was a time when people went to great lengths to protect the phone screen when using their smartphones. Now, after a few years, it seems that we are paying more and more attention to phone security. Manufacturers add carrying cases and aluminum construction to make the device stronger and resistant to bumps and falls. There is of course also a tempered glass for the phone. Nevertheless, smartphone screen shattering remains the biggest nightmare for most phone users. In fact, you can use your smartphone even after the screen is damaged – in most cases, the damage is not large enough to prevent it, but more damage can occur over time.

Tempered glass for the phone and plastic protections

Buying a screen protector and mounting it on your smartphone’s screen is a good way to protect it! In addition to the glass your device can have, an extra layer of protection can absorb damage from impact. There are different types of screen protectors on the market – plastic and tempered glass screen protectors. Plastic protective glasses provide basic protection. You will be able to get rid of the most common damage such as dust, dirt, oil, etc. However, there may be some display quality issues – sharpness for example – when using it. A better option is to buy a tempered glass for your phone. Now if you are wondering how to apply tempered glass, it really isn’t a big deal. While the plastic ones are supposed to protect against dirt, dust etc.,The toughened glass on the phone can actually absorb impacts. In other words, placing a tempered glass screen protector on your device’s screen will be equivalent to adding another screen that has a protective function.

How to clean tempered glass? Well, another advantage of tempered glass is that the display quality remains intact. The look will be the same and much better than the plastic cover scenario. So again, there are no special requirements for glass cleaning – we only need a dry cloth to clean the tempered glass. However, there is also one drawback. As mentioned earlier, the tempered glass protectors have extra thickness as they are meant to protect against direct blows and falls. So at least for some users, a thicker phone might be an issue. Yet another point is that tempered glass screen protectors cannot protect devices with a curved display. For example, if you have devices like the Galaxy Edge Plus, a toughened protective glass isn’t enough.The glass surface does not bend, which means that part of the screen remains unprotected.

Which option to choose – tempered glass or plastic phone protection?

The first question is – do I need screen security? Yes. Big YES, and in our opinion, you should choose a high-quality security feature, and that is tempered glass, as long as you have one fully flat display. There has been some increase in screen thickness, but that’s not a problem considering the device’s screen is protected from shattering and frequent interruptions. The price of tempered glass is very low and if we take into account the costs of replacing the entire display or buying a new phone, there is no need to convince anyone that it is a much better option.

Protective phone case

tempered glass for smartphone

When your smartphone hits the floor, the edges receive the most impact. This is one of the main reasons for screen breaks. Buying a smartphone case will protect the screen of the device against it. It should be noted that the protection should have additional ridges or a stronger structure on the sides. If you can choose such a protective case, you can extend the protection to the body of the device as well. We believe that this is a good precaution that should always be taken. And it’s amazing if you have a combination of a protective case and tempered glass, it means a great way to protect your smartphone. When the phone is dropped, it’s worth having something to protect the screen from a bumpy landing. The case is a much needed solution for a smartphone,which fills the edges of your phone with sturdy ridges or edges and helps to absorb the shock caused by falling. They are available at almost every retail store, gas station, and cell phone accessories store nationwide.

Do I need phone protection?

So now the first question is – do I need screen security? We’d say the best way to protect your phone screen is to pay attention to it! Of course, it is not always possible to avoid all phone falls, but if we use it more carefully, the chances of its damage will be lower. However, it is not worth avoiding additional phone screen protections, as they are not associated with a large expense and can serve the phone for a long time. By far the best and most practical option is tempered glass for phones.