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Rent a tow truck – guide

Alot of trouble with the vehicle can happen while driving. We are talking here in particular about various collisions and crashes, which are also associated with enormous stress. In such situations, we will also have to use the help of qualified professionals. We are talking about roadside assistance, which will take care of towing damaged vehicles. Due to the fact that these are random events, remember to always have a charged phone and warm clothes with you when traveling by car. This is especially true for long journeys.

On the other hand, if we travel during the winter, we must not forget to adapt our clothes to the current weather situation. Of course, it is warm in the car while driving, but this may change after an accident or a breakdown of the car. The most common cause of serious health problems after an accident is the lack of appropriate clothing. Tow trucks have become very popular recently. What exactly are tow trucks and what should you remember when renting them? We answer this and many other questions in this article. We cordially invite you to read carefully! 


You have an accident? Call the tow truck! 

If there is any car breakdown or a crash, tow trucks with the driver are the perfect solution. What are the prices for tow trucks? It is worth knowing that the price lists of individual companies are very different. The final price depends on the city in which the breakdown occurred, what our vehicle is and on what time the incidents took place. When choosing a company for renting a tow truck, you must remember to use the services of such a company that operates 24 hours a day. 

Another extremely important issue that should be borne in mind before renting a tow truck from any company is checking the opinions about it on the Internet. Nowadays the Internet is a real mine of knowledge. It is therefore worth checking very carefully what Internet users who have used its services in the past have to say about a given company. Before we choose a given company from the autolaweta , you also need to ask exactly what the waiting time and cost will be. It is also extremely important to know if the company has its own garage to which you can take your vehicle right away. It may happen, for example, that the fault in our car is not big and it could be removed immediately without having to tow it away. For this reason, it is worth asking the tow truck driver if he is not a mechanic. 


Tow truck and tow truck – what are the most important differences? 

Tow trucks and tow trucks are two completely different categories of vehicles. Tow trucks are trailers that are used to transport cars. On the other hand, tow trucks have specialized platforms and are also intended for transporting cars. The great advantage of tow trucks is the fact that they have lower fuel consumption than tow trucks. In addition, tow trucks can be driven even by drivers who have only a B category driving license. Renting a tow truck is very cost-effective and does not involve a large number of unnecessary formalities. 

Tow trucks – remember about that before you rent them!

Renting a tow truck may also sometimes involve the need to transport a vehicle that is to be eventually repaired in a completely different city. The cost of renting a tow truck varies greatly and depends on a whole host of different factors. We are talking here primarily about its capacity, equipment and rental time. The final price is also influenced by the region of the country where the service is provided. The vast majority of companies that rent tow trucks to their regular customers also offer them very large discounts. 

The prices for renting a tow truck vary widely. They range from PLN 100 for the towing service and up to PLN 150-350 a day. You can also rent a tow truck for a long term – for a few weeks or several months. Long-term rental of a tow truck  is a very good solution for companies with customers and conditions for the provision of towing services. Additionally, the costs of renting a tow truck can be classified as tax costs. This, in turn, reduces the tax base and means that the company then has to pay less income tax. The prices for renting a tow truck may also depend on its capacity. Those with higher load capacity will of course be correspondingly more expensive. 


Rent a tow truck – what else do you need to know? 

To be able to drive a tow truck, it is enough to have an ordinary category B driving license. In turn, to drive a tow truck, it is necessary to have a category B + E. It is worth knowing, however, that in most cases companies offering a tow truck rental reserve the right to rent a tow truck only to drivers who are over 21 years of age and have had a driving license for at least 24 months.