Podologia. Czym jest specjalistyczna troska o stopy?

Podiatry. What is specialist foot care?

When talking about the care and care of feet, most of us associate it with a bath with the use of various types of cosmetics, with nail painting, foot massage, or the use of appropriate preparations so that the skin on these feet is not dry, but in the right condition . That’s it. It turns out, however, that the care for our feet goes much deeper, and the scope of these activities is dealt with by podology , i.e. the field of medicine and cosmetology, which deals with feet in general. By using the services of podiatry clinics, you can treat your feet there for various diseases, but you can also focus on professional care of healthy feet, the good condition of which is our priority and priority. 

Podiatry is not a field where we only care about the beautiful appearance of our feet and nails. This field offers a variety of treatments for both healthy and problematic feetFortunately, an increasing number of Poles are aware that they should take care of their feet and, in case of problems, act immediately. Previously, most of us ignored various problems or felt ashamed of them. Today, fortunately, a lot has changed in this topic, which makes podiatry itself a desired, needed and chosen field with increasing interest.

What is the scope of activities of a podiatrist Warsaw specialist ?

It is difficult to precisely describe in a few sentences what a podiatrist does and what is the scope of his activities, because it covers a wide spectrum of foot care. It is not a medicine, but often involves surgical and orthopedic activities. It is also not cosmetology, because it goes much further than the services offered in beauty salons. Podiatrydeals with the prevention of various ailments, diagnoses problems, and also works with a variety of specialists to be able to help each patient as best as possible. The activities of a podiatrist are closely related to the work of an internist, diabetologist, dermatologist, mycologist, and orthopedist. As you can see, a podiatrist must have extremely extensive knowledge to be able to deal with any problem and to be able to diagnose this problem and introduce appropriate and, above all, effective treatment. The scope of podiatry offices includes professional foot care, as well as professional counseling, prophylaxis and diagnostics of changes that appear in the feet, care of pathological feet in which various diseases appear.

When is it worth visiting a podiatrist?

It is known that if there are changes on the feet that prevent us from walking and functioning normally, podiatry is the only chance to be able to deal with the problem. However, we should not use such services only as a last resort, but choose them much more often. A podiatrist should be used by people who are mobility impaired and who are not able to independently ensure that this foot care is carried out in the way it should be. This applies in particular to seniors, whose feet can cause a lot of problems during the aging of the body, which is why choosing specialists, you can enjoy perfect health for relatively long time.

Podiatrist Warsawis for diabetics who struggle with the problem of a diabetic foot or who want to protect themselves from this problem. In people with circulatory disorders, such help will also prove to be very helpful. Podiatry undoubtedly also help people with deformed feet, including flat feet and haluksami. This is the only place to be able to professionally remove calluses, warts, as well as corns. After all, it is an area that is a rescue for athletes, active people and people who want to enjoy the good condition of their feet for as long as possible, i.e. what fully supports our body weight and what our every step depends on.

How do I find a good podiatrist?

If we are looking for a specific specialist, it is known that we want to bet on someone who is the best. By spending money on something and wanting to fully deal with the problem we have, only a good specialist can meet our expectations, requirements and needs. When we go to the hairdresser, we want such a person to do the best job for us. They use the services of a construction company, we want such a person to do the job professionally. The same is true when it comes to podiatry . Here, too, our main assumption is that the specialist should help us. How to find him? Of course, the best source will be the person you recommend. If we have someone who used the services of such a person and such a podiatrist did their job perfectly, it is definitely worth visiting such a person. However, if we do not have anyone recommended, it is good to check the opinions about a given clinic on the Internet. There, we will certainly be able to look for a podiatrist close to our place of residence, but also to check whether other clients were satisfied with his services.