Zawód: dermatolog

Occupation: dermatologist

Everyone knows how important the health of our body is, what’s more, I can say with full responsibility that people’s awareness of how important health is is growing. That is why we increasingly use the services of various types of specialists, and sometimes even quacks. However, I want to devote this article to specialists who are little talked about, and more specifically to dermatologists . However, before we get into what this profession really is, let’s talk a bit about dermatology itself. 

Does he deal with dermatology

As we know, the human body is one huge cooperative team and the impact of even a small cold can have a significant impact on the entire body. The dermatologist examines the condition of the skin from which he can read various diseases – from the obvious, such as allergies, to the patient’s hormonal status. Our skin may also show signs of inflammation of the teeth, sinuses or the digestive system.

Dermatology itself is related to other fields, because literally every interference in our body is reflected in the skin. It is also, for example, drugs prescribed to us by another doctor, that can cause allergic reactions on the skin.

A dermatologist does not have to know everything, so they cooperate with specialists in such areas as, for example, a urologist or a gynecologist. This is due to the fact that people with diseases of the mucous membranes, hair and even nails come to the dermatologist, and if we are at the mucous membranes, it is worth mentioning the so-called venereology, i.e. a branch of dermatology that deals with sexually transmitted venereal diseases.

To sum up this introduction, patients can report to a dermatologist with any changes on their body, and if the source of the disease is inside the body and its effects are visible on the skin, then the dermatologist in cooperation with appropriate specialists undertakes the appropriate therapy.

Since we already know more or less what the discussed profession does, let me give you some information about what skin is and what function it performs.


The skin is actually an organ that protects our entire body. If we measured its area, it would be approximately 2 square meters. The skin is divided into three layers – epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue. Nobody should be surprised that the thickest skin is on the heel and the thinnest on the eyelids. The above-mentioned subcutaneous tissue consists of connective tissue and adipose tissue, the dermis is primarily vessels and nerves, and cells called mast cells and fibroblasts. The epidermis is made of several successive layers – basal, thorny, granular and horny. It contains pigment cells (melanocytes), cells responsible for immune responses and cells of the nervous system. When we think about a dermatologist, we usually associate the visit with some spots on the skin or problem acne,soa dermatologist very often deals with burns, especially fourth degree burns. He is not afraid of frostbite, albinism or the above-mentioned acne.

The most common skin diseases

The most common skin diseases include alopecia, seborrhea, dandruff, atopic dermatitis and malignant tumors. In my opinion, the most important thing is the fact that you do not need a referral to a dermatologist , the treatment is free. There is a small catch here, namely treatment is free in relation to diseases for every cosmetic procedure, such as scar removal, we have to pay.

How much does a dermatologist earn?

Due to the nature of the article, I decided to post here information about the earnings that a dermatologist can count on . Before I present you the specific amount, I will explain what the dermatologist’s salary depends on. First of all, on the size of the company, the region in which it is employed, seniority and education. Moving on to what readers like the most, i.e. statistical data, the salary of a dermatologist ranges between PLN 4,641 and PLN 18,600. Of course, the greatest number of specialists are those whose salaries vary within the median of these numbers, i.e. around PLN 6,000. So here is the work of a dermatologist and such earnings are achieved by the best in the country.

The profession of a dermatologist is very necessary in society, above all because it helps people who have had an accident, and also helps to face the problems that we have had since childhood. As I come to the end, I would like to tell you about the so-called prophylaxis. It is worth going to a dermatologist for such a preventive examination, because he will check our moles and any changes on the skin. For most lesions called moles, a specialist will not order therapy etc. however, if something looks suspicious, he will recommend you a visit in about a few months. Certainly, we should go to a dermatologist right away, if something appeared on our skin right away, then we make an appointment for the next day or even the same. This can save our lives sometimes.