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Multifunctional combine harvesters

For the harvesting of grain, special combine harvesters are used, which are one of the most important machines used in agriculture. It is a complex machine that combines the functions of simpler equipment such as a mower, thresher and walker. The combine cuts the grain, feeds it to threshing, then the grain is threshed from the ears, it is separated from impurities and cleaned, it is transported to the hopper, from which it is then unloaded. To harvest various crops, additional equipment for combines are produced.

Combine harvester a reliable help on the farm

  There are many farms that deal with such important activities as the cultivation and harvesting of grain crops. Each farmer has his own rules when choosing a combine harvester. Someone believes that the most important thing is modern fashionable technology, someone prefers to focus on the name of the manufacturer and brand of equipment, and someone is looking for reliability and performance among low-cost devices. But truly experienced specialists know that other methods have to be chosen.

  Combine harvesters are rightfully considered the most reliable and high-quality agricultural machinery. Many producers have made the production of combine harvesters one of the priority areas of their activity. Farmers who are interested in true quality combined with high productivity decide to buy or rent a combine harvester.

Types of combine harvesters

  One of the types is a self-propelled combine harvester designed for direct and separate harvesting of grain crops and cereals, grassy crops on flat fields with an incline of up to 80. The combine harvester performs cutting, threshing separation, grain cleaning, grain collection in the grain bunker with subsequent unloading, and also provides harvesting the crop by stacking straw in a roll.

  The lowest level of harvesting unit costs with grain yields up to 40 kg / ha is the showpiece of combines. With a capacity of 5-6 kg / s, the combine can thresh more than 7 tons of grain per hour. The extremely simple classic threshing and separation system is combined with an efficient combine and the use of highly reliable components. On farms, the combine harvester is appreciated for its ease of operation and maintenance, reliable operation in fields with complex terrain and configuration, and low operating costs.  

  The combine harvester in its basic configuration is equipped with a mower for harvesting grain plants, for example with a working width of 5 m, but it can also be 4 m. The large threshing drum provides optimal conditions for high-quality threshing. A separate percussion device eliminates overloads that can lead to grain damage.

A powerful, high-performance combine harvester

  The two-drum threshing system with accelerator drum, straw walker activator and other advanced technical solutions allows you to fully use the potential of the high performance of the machine. It is also facilitated by a huge hopper, a quick grain unloading system and electronic means of automatic harvest control. For a given throughput of 14 kg / s, a modern high-power engine is optimally selected. Carefully proven interaction of all operating systems of the combine enables threshing more than 20 tons of clean and undamaged grain per hour of operation.

  The drum increases the feed rate of the grain mass into the threshing system and distributes the grain mass in a thin even layer while separating the grain. This makes the main drum more efficient. Combined with the large double surface area, this system ensures the highest possible performance with gentle threshing. A controlled activator installed above the straw walker further loosens the straw mass, increasing the speed of residual grain separation. Thanks to the gentle threshing and separation in the rolls, long, undamaged straw is laid, the best suitable for bedding.

High-performance combine harvester

  Farmers can use a combine harvester with a grain weight yield of at least 12 kg / s, a grain (wheat) yield of 18 tons per hour or more. These indicators are achieved through the use of a large powerful engine, a two-drum threshing scheme with a pre-accelerator for grain feeding, an increased separation area and cleaning systems. At the same time, the combine is perfectly suited to work in unfavorable conditions when harvesting hard-to-reach plants with high humidity.

The combine harvester provides for the harvesting of plant parts according to the following technological schemes:

  • Chopping and spreading straw in the field
  • Laying straw in a roll.

The combine in its basic configuration is equipped with a cutting unit with a working width of 7 m with a transport cart. The combine is equipped with a comfortable cabin. The panoramic glass provides an excellent view of the workplace. The combine reliably protects against noise, vibration and dust. If the straw needs to be stored for future use, the shredder switches to the roll stacking mode. In addition, it has a built-in chopper that ensures that the straw is cut accurately and spreads evenly across the field to a certain width as fertilizer, which is a good basis for future harvesting.