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Moving an office – a guide

Moving an office is a necessity when the company is at the appropriate level of development. Changing the office to a larger and more comfortable one is in many cases an absolute necessity. Employees must be more comfortable working – this is one of the main reasons for relocating. Company management boards also decide to move offices so that the employed people have better access to their workplace. Check how to prepare for moving an office in your company. 


Moving the company’s office – how to prepare for it?

Preparing the move of the company’s office may seem to some very difficult task. The number of documents and devices to be transported can be really large – we are talking about furniture, computers, laptops, printers and many other equipment. These are items that allow the company to earn money, so you need to take them properly when moving.

The larger the company’s office, the more difficult it is to organize its relocation. In every office you will find a whole lot of items – desks, wardrobes, armchairs, telephones, piles of documents and much, much more. Some items – for example computers can be transported to the destination office on your own, but transporting bulky furniture on your own may be an impossible task. Of course, office armchairs and some furniture can be unscrewed and placed in the trunk, but what to do with the rest of the equipment? Not everyone also wants to assemble furniture, because its subsequent disassembly will take a lot of time. And the company must start earning again as soon as possible. That is why it is so important to use the services of a professional moving company when organizing a move.


How to organize an office move? Get to know our tips!

Each office move must be properly planned. If we do not do this, we will certainly have many problems with the quick and trouble-free transport of all items belonging to the company. It is worth making an inventory of all the most important items owned by the company – you have to calculate them and try to estimate their weight. In addition, you must also specify a specific date for the removal. The vast majority of companies organize removals during the weekend – these are usually non-working days, so this way we will not be exposed to losses related to downtime in the operation of the enterprise. Customers will surely appreciate that despite the move, the company will continue to operate without any changes.

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An additional point that must not be forgotten is informing all employees as soon as possible about the planned move. Some employers also ask their employees for suggestions in this regard before choosing a new location for the office. In this way, you can choose a location that best meets the expectations of people employed there. Commuting will be shorter, which means that employed people will be more willing to come to work every morning. Thanks to the fact that employees will know the date of the office move faster, they will also have more time to pack all their things and get used to it. Changing the workplace means changing schedules and reorganizing commuting, so all employees must know about it as soon as possible.


Moving the office step by step

The manager of the company should delegate one or the whole group to prepare the move. Such a person should also make an inventory of all valuables in the office. This makes it easy to decide which items should be taken to the new premises, and which should be sold or thrown away. A very large number of companies also decide to completely change the interior design when moving their office, which is why many items are disposed of.

If the company does not have its own delivery vehicles, then it will not be possible to move the office on its own. It is worth knowing that even many companies that have such vehicles resign from moving on their own. What it comes from? This is due to the fact that when hiring an external company to move the office, we obtain a guarantee that all items and electronic equipment will be transported safely and efficiently. In turn, in the event of any irregularities or damage, we will be able to apply for compensation. If we move the office ourselves, we will have to cover all the faults out of our own pocket. That is why the vast majority of companies are looking to move the office of professional companies that will take care of everything step by step.Such companies even have their own boxes, in which they pack the items we prepare themselves. It is worth remembering that you should ask your representative about all the terms of moving the office before signing the contract.