Jak rozpoznać dobrą firmę sprzątającą?

How to recognize a good cleaning company?

The industry in which cleaning companies operate is constantly growing and it does not seem that such companies will run out of customers. Their services are used by both private individuals (cleaning before larger holidays or other occasions) and large corporations with huge office spaces. In today’s article, we’ll focus on what makes good cleaning companies stand out. We will also look at the services that can most often be found within their offer.

A good cleaning company – what should it be characterized by?

  1. Professionalism of employees 

In the case of cleaning, it is difficult to find half measures. Sloppyness, skipping some problematic places and the so-called cleaning up the head – in the case of a good cleaning company, there can be no such mishaps. Of course, not all customers will notice neglect, but you have to be aware that in such a situation, complaints and clear dissatisfaction with the level of cleanliness of the premises are only a matter of time. A professional company cares about its image, so it makes every effort to ensure that the room looks fresh and clean not only at first glance.

  1. Positive feedback from existing customers

In the age of the Internet, we are happy to share our experiences with strangers. We are especially committed to this if a company fails to meet our expectations. Although the largest number of comments on the Internet is enjoyed by dining establishments, this industry is not the only industry widely commented on by a group of Internet users. Good opinions of customers who have so far used the services of a given cleaning company can be treated as an important, although not the only, positive determinant of future cooperation.

  1. Friendly attitude towards customers, noticeable from the first contact

Anyone can use slogans that describe the level of service provided in an encouraging way. Often, however, the first telephone conversation with a company employee can effectively deprive the client of such illusions. If the person you are talking to responds casually, non-exhaustively, or arrogantly, you can probably expect problems at other stages of the relationship as well. A good cleaning company encourages you to use its services not only with positive opinions and an encouraging price list, but also with the way the customer is treated.

  1. Adequate equipment and cleaning agents

While this point seems obvious, it is not for some existing companies. Equipment used by employees of a good cleaning company should:

  1. a) be properly adapted to the size of the room; if this point is not met, the work is not effective, takes longer than necessary, and does not produce the best results.
  2. b) be placed in professional trolleys for the cleaning service; this is especially important if the company is hired to clean a larger space;
  3. (c) include modern vacuum cleaners, scrubbers, sweepers; professional service not only has this type of machine, but can boast a variety of tips, adapted to many surfaces.
  4. Flexibility and a willingness to compromise

A good cleaning company tries to adapt to the individual needs of the client, even if such activities go beyond the typical offer. The ability to make small concessions may result in a satisfied customer returning, and with him new people to whom he recommended the company.

What services are most often offered by cleaning companies?

Most often, the standard offers of cleaning companies include cleaning of offices, companies, private houses and apartments, cleaning of industrial buildings , warehouses and areas adjacent to buildings. As part of additional services, you can often find the cleaning of post-renovation spaces, shops and large glass surfaces. Regardless of the type of cleaning you choose, there is a chance that the company may offer specific packages that differ in the number of visits to the website per week. The price of the package, of course, will depend on the size of the space and items that are within it. For this reason, many cleaning companies make individual pricing. Some of them, for the increased comfort of the client, offer an online cleaning quote. This is by far the easiest way to compare the available offers and choose the one that suits us best.

Before deciding to cooperate with a specific company, it is worth finding out what cleaning a specific room involves. This is important because it allows you to avoid surprises and the possible feeling of poorly spent money. It’s also good to be aware of the fact that even if a given service is not included in the offer on the company’s website, there is a chance that the company will adapt to the customer’s expectations. When deciding on a specific security provider, you should also check whether the company offers insurance for the property entrusted to its employees.