Jak znaleźć najlepszy kredyt hipoteczny?

How do I find the best mortgage?

For every person who dreams of their own home, the biggest problem is the cash that you need to have to buy a given property. 95% of home buyers choose mortgage loans because it is the only chance to become the owner of your own space. Today, of course, you need your own contribution to do all this, but still having all the cash in most cases is simply not very realistic. Taking a mortgagewe get a loan from a bank that brings us closer to having our own four angles. It is money, and more precisely not having it, that is the main problem that we can simply solve with the help of the right bank. To get the best loan, you should first of all choose the offer individually to your capabilities. One borrower will be offered a better offer by one facility, another completely different. So you should take a few suggestions, compare them and, as a last resort, decide on a banking product that will simply turn out to be the best for us and, most importantly, the most beneficial.

Mortgage – the most important element is creditworthiness

When starting to apply for a loan, we first need to check what our creditworthiness looks like. It really depends on whether we will receive a loan and in what amount it can be. The assessment of creditworthiness consists of several factors, including the amount and period for which we want to take out a loan, the amount of own contribution, as well as the form of employment and the amount of monthly income. The number of household members and whether the future borrower has any other liabilities and loans also plays an important role. Mortgagesthese are large sums that banks lend to their clients. In doing so, they need to be sure that they are dealing with the most reliable customer possible. Of course, in each bank, creditworthiness can be calculated in a slightly different way, so when deciding on this form of borrowing, it is worth considering several proposals to find the best one among them.

The most favorable mortgage loans

Each loan offer is different, which is why it is extremely important to pay attention to what they contain all the details. Here, the most important thing is to be able to negotiate the most favorable solutions. A good offer is influenced by many elements, not only the interest rate itself, which mostly encourages customers. Mortgagesand their repayments are related, among others, to the APRC, i.e. the Actual Annual Interest Rate, the amount of the preparation fee, i.e. the margin, and the choice of equal or decreasing installments. The total cost of the loan is also influenced by the choice of appropriate insurance, which is often imposed in advance, and other bank products that are necessary to be able to receive a loan. As you can see, it is not only the interest rate that determines how much the loan will be and whether it is the best. Each element contributes to the total cost, therefore it is extremely important to check all issues and choose the best solution based on them.

What elements do we need to be able to get a mortgage?

Of course, taking a large mortgagethe bank must have all the necessary information to make us credible and solvent for it. Personal documents certainly include: loan application, ID card and a second ID card. When it comes to financial documents, the necessary documents are certainly a certificate of employment and earnings, a bank statement, usually from the last 12 months, and a PIT-37 declaration. If people running a business apply for such a loan, it is necessary to present: a certificate of granting the NIP and REGON number, a certificate of entry in the economic register, PIT-36 declaration, a printout from the book of revenues and expenses and a certificate of payments and no arrears at ZUS and US. Some banks also require the signing of a preliminary contract or possession of a document regarding own contribution.

Mortgage loans – we sign a contract, launch a loan, and pay back regularly

If we have received appropriate creditworthiness and we know that a given bank is the right one, one that will offer us a good mortgage, we can proceed to sign the contract. Before we do that, however, it is worth carefully examining and analyzing the entire contract and signing it when we are 100% sure of it. With its signing, the loan is opened and from that moment we must remember and regularly pay off our commitment. It is worth adjusting the installments to make sure that the monthly commitment will be on our pocket and we will have no problem paying it back. Taking a loan is one thing, and paying it back is another thing that you definitely should not forget. This is the most important thing.