Jeździectwo konne czyli sport dla każdego

Horse riding – a sport for everyone.

With the beginning of each new year, it is time for the New Year’s resolutions, which unfortunately fail after a while, and some people don’t even do anything to commit to their fulfillment. One of the most frequently repeated decisions is the one about losing a few pounds. How about finding extra motivation and starting exercise with an animal friend?

Why is it worth losing weight?

In the beginning, if you want to start practicing at all, it’s important to find some kind of motivation to keep your resolve.

Motivation will depend on each of us individually. However, the best motivation will be to simply imagine the effect that we will achieve after a few months, and sometimes even years of working on ourselves. It is worth realizing such a motivation, because if we do not see something, it will be difficult for us to motivate ourselves, especially if our imagination is not working at the highest speed. Let’s draw what we want and hang on the refrigerator so that every time we get close to it, we can think about what we are striving for and that it is not worth missing this opportunity. However, keep some sense, so if we are extremely overweight, do not draw ourselves in the smallest size known to us, but let it be the weight that will satisfy us.

It is also worth documenting the changes that take place in our body in the photographs, so that after a few months we can see how much has changed in us.

Animals and exercise

Animals can be a great help and encouragement to play sports. Since dogs are people’s best friends, why not use their inexhaustible strength and willingness to play and just train with them?

Dogs are animals that, in most cases, will be happy to play sports with us. Of course, there are races that will limit this, but there are also many races that will be overwhelmed by the fact that we play with them so actively. They can be really different disciplines. If we have a suitably grown and athletic dog, for example, there are no contraindications to sometimes go for bike rides with him. On the streets of cities and in the countryside, you can meet many people who go on bicycle trips with their pets. Dogs will also be happy to run with us. For them, it will be a great dose of daily exercise. However, if we are not eager to do such activities, even a walk with a pet will do a lot for our body.On a walk, you can wrestle with your pooch a bit, throw him a disc or a ball. It can really tire you out and our body will only benefit from it.

However, dogs are not the only animals that will train and play sports with us. Horse riding is also a great sport for all of us . Horses are animals that are suitable for both long-distance and short-distance rallies, and we can really do a lot with them on a specially prepared track. Once a bond is established between the rider and the horse, horse riding becomes pure pleasure.

If some people think that such a ride is effortless, they are really wrong. After a hard training on a horse, the muscles that make the most impression are the abs and thighs. The buttocks, calves and arms will also make themselves felt. So as we can see, horseback riding engages the whole body, so it’s a great way to improve your fitness and lose a few kilos. Horseback riding also supports the efficiency of our body and makes us more enduring.

If we do not like too hard riding, constant jumps and sudden turns, we can always just take the horse and if we have mastered the ride, go for a ride in some interesting area. There is no shortage of beautiful places for horse riding in Poland . Such a calm ride, although it will be less exhausting for us and less engaging our muscles, will still be an activity for our body that will slightly stimulate it to get rid of fat from it.

Sport is for everyone

Horse riding , or running with our dog, or anything else someone can think of, is for everyone and there are no restrictions in this regard. Both dogs and horses are friendly animals with which a relationship once formed and nurtured lasts for a very long time and results in a great friendship.

Horse riding does not require any special skills, it is enough to buy. Everything can be learned under the supervision of professionals. It is also not, as some people think, only sport for wealthy people. Two or three times a week, each of us will be able to afford an hour of horse riding. Over time, it may turn out that it becomes such a passion for us that it will not be enough time.

It is worth taking up some sport and doing something for your body just to feel better. It does not cost us so much, and as in this case, it can result in a great friendship between humans and animals.