Wakacje na Sardynii dla całej rodziny

Holidays in Sardinia for the whole family

Do you want to rest, rest, regenerate and are you looking for a holiday destination that will create the conditions for you? Do you have a family, kids who love building sandcastles and swimming in the sea? Do you love the sun, a sun lounger and relaxation, uninterrupted peace? Are you dreaming of a vacation without weather surprises, high temperature, cloudless sky, perfect sunbathing conditions? Do you want to spend your time having fun, eating tasty and healthy, taking advantage of the opportunity to experience new tastes and dishes? You can fly by plane, but you wouldn’t want to leave Europe? There is one place that meets all your expectations. Sardinia 2019 An Italian island full of attractions for the whole family.

Why is a vacation in Sardinia the best option?

You will not be bored here. Children, as we know, are extremely demanding individuals who get bored quickly and constantly need entertainment. Sardinia is a place where boredom will not get you, and your children will not want to leave it. Everything here is unusual and interesting. Starting from the history and legends related to the island, through its nature and geological formation, to the leisure activities offered by the island. It is really impossible to get bored here. Children will appreciate this richness and variety. The island is an ideal place to explore, for mysterious expeditions, exploring caves, following gorges and venture into small settlements far from the resorts, full of unusual nooks, picturesque places and interesting people who cultivate old traditions, live by producing their own food, nuts and honey .anise and breeding our own plants, fruits and vegetables.

Sandy beach and emerald water, a perfect vacation in Sardinia with children

Which child does not like swimming in the sea? Jumping over the waves, catching shells, watching the bottom and the creatures there? Pebble and shell seekers and fans of sand fortifications will find their paradise on earth in Sardinia. The beaches of the Emerald Coast are distinguished by soft golden sand and emerald-colored water. They are extremely attractive and delight with views. You can spend whole days on them without being bored. The bored can always be sent to the yacht marina to see the beautiful sailboats or for a trip to the sea by catamaran. There is then a good chance that swimming with dolphins will be added to the list of attractions offered by Sardinia. Relaxing on the beach is not only a great option for kids, but also for parents,who will be able to recharge their batteries, exhausted throughout the year of work and housekeeping.

Holidays in Sardinia are not only sunbathing

Of course, a trip to Sardinia is not only about the beach, sea, cloudless skies and bronzing sun, but also a lot of different attractions, also perfect for families with children. The island of Sardinia is a place that is extremely rich in terms of geology. Here you will find places full of rocks and caves, mountain trails, rocks emerging from the sea, gorges, but also small towns with charming streets, olive groves and coastal fishing ports. These wonderful places are great for hiking and walking. Young explorers will definitely want to discover the secrets of the corners of this Italian island, explore the caves and look for the right path in the tangle of gorges in the Moon Valley. Walking together with children will make them sensitive to the beauty of the landscape, show its diversity, and will be an extraordinary adventure that will be remembered by them.It is also an opportunity to establish closer relationships, spend time together without a TV or tablet. Both parents and children will appreciate it. Although sometimes the legs will hurt, the faces will certainly be smiling.

Sports holidays in Sardinia

For active families who like recreation in a more active style, focused on sports, attractions in Sardinia offerit is really wide. The mountainous rocky terrain of Sardinia is a great place to climb. Certainly that’s why a lot of people who are just learning to climb come to Sardinia to take their first steps in climbing. The variety of terrain and great climbing areas mean that you can find here various levels of difficulty. Those that are suitable for children and those that will appeal to professional climbers. For those who appreciate practicing water sports, Sardinia also has a wide offer. The Mediterranean Sea is the perfect place for swimming, sailing and surfing. You can spend an active holiday in Sardinia in a really attractive way, for example playing golf in Sardinia .

A delicious vacation in Sardinia

If your children are fussy eaters, go with them to Sardinia. The local cuisine will steal your and your children’s hearts. Fruit, delicious cheeses, produced on the spot, local specialties, including Sardinian dumplings, will surprise you with their taste and aroma. Italian cuisine is simple, but extremely tasty, it easily appeals to the youngest. Parents will also be delighted with local specialties straight from Sardinian wineries. A wine that can be drunk after dinner, when the children are asleep, is a wonderful end to a day in Sardinia.