Rękodzieło - czy da się na tym zarobić?

Handicraft – can you make money on it?

The happiest are those who managed to turn a hobby into their own business. Running such a business is pure pleasure, and if it brings you adequate income – it’s also a way to earn money. Handicraft may not be fashionable, but many people do it in their spare time. Sewing, painting, DIY – all this can bring relief and allow you to express your imagination. Some of the works of amateurs can delight and are an interesting alternative to mass production available on the market. Many handicraftsmen wonder how to get started with bringing their products to the market and whether it is profitable at all. Handmade items have a wide audience. With the right strategy, you can start a fairly successful business.


At the beginning, without the premises …

The biggest mistake that can be made when setting up a business in this case is renting premises for a shop. It does not matter whether in a small town or in a metropolis, the rental costs will absorb all possible profits and it will certainly have to be a lot more. Although many artists dream of their own little shop, it is better to postpone the realization of this dream.

However, it is worth considering an interesting alternative, which are trade islands. This name describes small stands usually located in shopping malls. They are placed in common corridors, in the middle. They are very visible, accessible and, most of all, much cheaper than shop spaces. The island can be ordered – it will have exactly the shape we need. But you can also use the infrastructure available in the centers. In many places, you can use or buy a trade island from a previous dealer.

Such a stall offers many possibilities. The most important thing is that the name of our business becomes recognizable. Even if no one is tempted to buy a product, everyone passing by will notice and perhaps remember the new logo. Low costs and relatively short lease contracts give the opportunity to expand sales and the possibility of a problem-free resignation from the stand. Moreover, such a place is operated by one person. So you can sell it yourself – save on ZUS and have the opportunity to tell those interested about your passion.

… But with a website!

I do not think you need to convince anyone that it is impossible to start your own business without Internet activity. Even the best trading islands will fail in the market if you can’t google them. Setting up a website should be the first step to selling your creations. Is it worth hiring a specialist? Of course. Only attractive pages have a chance to break through and inspire appropriate trust. When working with a graphic designer, you can create your new company logo right away.

A good website, nice layout, characteristic logo – all this builds the image of the “brand” that the activity is to become. It seems unnecessary at first, but such things pay off. The next stage may be the preparation of labels and company bags (preferably ecological). Recognition is very important. So is the appearance of the packaging, which many novice entrepreneurs neglect.

Supply – that is, diversity is welcome

One more important aspect concerns the preparation of the right amount of products. It’s hard to start a website if we have a few examples of our handicraft. If you are serious about opening a store, you need to start working more and better. Everyone has their own horse, but the market is fickle. It is worth diversifying the offer before it goes on sale, so that after the first reaction of buyers, you have feedback – it sells, and it does not. 

Websites, and even more so trade islands, need goods. Photos of new products should appear regularly on the Internet and conquer page views. It’s a good idea to invite your friends and ask them for their opinion on the items you produce. Hand-sewn handbags can be the size of a clutch bag, but large tote bags also look great. Knitted decorative socks can be a hit if you manage to create knee socks or short socks. 

Getting to know the opinion is important because the creator’s taste can be very different from the general public. If we have a lot of products, we can give them away as a gift and ask for feedback on their usability. Paintings and decorations need an outsider’s judgment, so it’s worth joining a group on a social networking site where members share feedback about their crafts.


Starting your own business and selling handicrafts involves risk. The initial investment may pay off over time, or not at all. Therefore, it is worth starting with promoting your products over the Internet, spending little on the costs of running the website. Shopping islands in shopping centers are a great opportunity to start selling. They certainly guarantee better brand recognition and give a chance to a large group of recipients. You always have to remember to improve your own work and constantly look for new things.