Prezent dla partnerki: bielizna erotyczna

Gift for a partner: erotic lingerie

Erotic lingerie as a gift can cause a woman very different, sometimes extreme reactions. Some ladies will enjoy such a gift, others will feel a bit embarrassed, and others will find the gift inappropriate and may even be offended. Therefore, before a man decides to buy his partner underwear, it is worth learning more about her perception of such a gift. In this way, unnecessary misunderstandings can be easily avoided.

What does underwear mean as a gift?

Women's erotic lingerie
Erotic lingerie

It cannot be denied that many people have a very symbolic approach to the items they receive as a gift. Different types of gifts have meanings that not everyone knows, and thus may unknowingly cause unwanted reactions in the recipients. Keep this in mind before you go shopping. For some women , erotic lingerie, even the subdued and elegant one, is read as a gift from an egoistic man who thinks only about himself. Sexy lingerie is considered a gift not for a woman, but for a man who will be able to admire his partner in such an outfit. This is quite damaging, but unfortunately some women think this way. For this reason, it is worth finding out in advance what your partner thinks about such a gift. This will save you trouble later.

How to choose the size of underwear?

Exclusive erotic lingeriemust be perfectly matched to the dimensions of the woman. Otherwise it will be uncomfortable and the woman may feel extremely uncomfortable in it. Therefore, if a given man buys a gift of this kind for his partner for the first time, he should choose from more classic models of underwear. It will be easier for him that way. Classic bras and briefs are much easier to measure than sophisticated, full of unusual stitching artistic underwear. You can think about this type of set when a man has more experience in measuring and assessing underwear. In order to choose the right size, you should follow the labels on the underwear that your partner has. In the case of panties, it is best to measure them additionally. This will eliminate possible differences in sizes according to which different manufacturers sew.

To correctly check the bra size, pay attention to the chest circumference, which is written on the tag, e.g. 70, 75, 80 and the cup size, which is expressed by the letters A, B, C, D, E. This way you can get all the information you need (additional measurements of the width and length of the bra may also be useful), but remember not to check the label of only one bra. Better to check out a few. Sometimes it may happen that a woman has a bra in her closet that she bought by mistake and it does not match her dimensions. It is worth checking the size of the one that dresses the most. It is probably her favorite and most comfortable bra.

The purchase of tailored underwear is also a quite good solution. Currently, you can find a lot of professional tailoring workshops that sew various types of underwear. The tailor will tell you exactly what dimensions he needs to sew the perfect set of underwear. This option also allows you to add interesting stitching and decorations.

Erotic lingerie – what to choose?

When we have the dimensions of a partner in our pocket and we want to buy a specific underwear, it is worth considering what a given woman values ​​most in underwear. Some ladies love lace patterns, other women look for extraordinary cuts, and still others like to wear lingerie in interesting colors. If a woman is quite reserved and shy, she shouldn’t be bought lingerie with a fancy, sexy cut. Better to bet on classics and elegance. However, if a woman feels good in a more sensual edition, it is worth buying something extraordinary.

It should also be remembered that erotic lingerie is not only panties and a bra. To diversify the set, you can additionally choose a mesh body, garter belts or an elegant bathrobe or a nightgown made of nice, delicate fabric. The choice is huge. In the case of a dressing gown or nightgown, it is also easier to choose the size, so this can be helpful when a given man has difficulty obtaining the necessary information.

A nice gift is also a nice packaging

Unfortunately, many people do not pay much attention to the proper packaging of the gift. And it is the packaging that is responsible for the first impression and can immediately evoke positive associations. An elegant box tied with a ribbon suggests that the gift was thoughtful and the person giving it spent a lot of time making it special. Throwing a gift in a plastic bag or without packaging at all does not evoke positive associations and even the best, most thoughtful gift will not make such an impression as Many stores offer the option to pack your goods. It is worth using this option.