Bramy garażowe kluczem estetycznie wyglądającego domu

Garage doors are the key to an aesthetically pleasing home.

Everything you need to know about garage doors. A large garage door takes up approximately 20% of the space at the front of the house. Today’s garage doors can be opened with a remote control or a classic solution in a manual style, which requires manual lifting. It is worth taking care of choosing the right garage door for your household. A well-presented garage door is a fantastic showcase with aesthetic and functional values.

Purpose and method of making gates

Garage doors are usually large enough to accommodate vehicles slightly larger than passenger cars. Garage doors are most often made of the following materials:

  • Wood
  • Glass fiber
  • metal

Today’s garage doors on the market are usually manufactured in a way that provides them with insulation to reduce the loss of heat accumulated inside the garage. Due to the technological progress in the industry related to production, we can see that today’s garage doors are characterized by a separate panel that allows the entire structure to slide freely over the ceiling. If the garage door is huge, manufacturers very often decide to use rollers with wheels, which relieve the entire structure during lifting and lowering. This guarantees comfort for users of this type of gates. There are different types of gates depending on which part of the world you decide to buy.

Gates with sliding doors

They are known for their characteristic appearance in single-family houses. They are a great choice for anyone who does not want to stuff their stuff in the attic or basement. They have many upper hinges that allow the gate to swing freely. Thanks to this solution, we can get a lot more space for storing our tools, collectibles or any equipment that would take up too much space at home. These gates have a certain disadvantage. The arch that will be responsible for the swing of the door must be perfectly calculated at the time of construction. Otherwise, there may be problems with closing the garage door later.

Rolling gates

Most often, this type of door is made by joining a plurality of slats made of wood or plastic. In some cases it can also be metal which will collapse into many small pieces. Mechanisms of this kind require electrical energy in order to wind the whole up into a crawler when opening as well as when lowering it all down. The biggest advantage of this type of garage door is that it allows you to quickly enter the garage through a dynamically operating electrical system.

Sliding side gates

This is probably one of the oldest types of garage doors. Until now, they fulfill their function in many homes and are popular especially in Europe. They are most often made of light steel, aluminum or durable wood. They work by sliding from side to side. There are also types of side gates consisting of two parts. In this case, a pair of doors is a mechanism that slides sideways in opposite directions, creating an entrance to the garage. Garages that have a limited space are the best solution for this type of door. A low garage, where it is difficult to install a door with a roller under the ceiling or a mechanism that automatically winds the whole thing up, is a great opportunity to install a side sliding door. This will allow us to save a lot of space, which, as a result, can be freely arranged.

Gates with side hinges

This type of gates, thanks to its simplicity, is used in both small and larger garages. The door mounted using the side hinge method allows us to freely open the garage by exposing the left or right side of the door. As in the case of sliding doors to the sides, we do not have to worry about too little space under the ceiling. This is a way to save space and make it easy and quick to open your garage door.

Today’s garage door trends

Durable doors are used naturally to ensure durability and solid anti-burglary protection that will effectively protect your belongings. Nevertheless, today’s trends allow us to choose interesting colors, shapes and types of garage doors to ensure an attractive appearance. Unbreakable panels, which manufacturers install in the upper part of garage doors, are a very fashionable solution today. Such an aesthetic addition gives our door an interesting glazed look, and also fulfills an important function. The glazed top of the garage door lets light in, which makes our garage look more pleasant. In cheaper types of garage doors, instead of panels, matte plastic is used, which diffuses light and shines on sunny days, giving it an interesting aesthetic value.