Lampy stojące - dodatkowe oświetlenie do twojego domu

Floor lamps – additional lighting for your home

Do we always attract enough attention to the choice of apartment equipment? Unfortunately, it may happen that very important things are neglected by us. These may include, among others, the right choice of lighting, i.e. standing lamps , hanging lamps , office lamps , and so on, for our apartment.

Is it worth buying floor lamps ?

The choice of floor lamps is not always so obvious. They used to be found in many homes and apartments, but for a time they declined in popularity. Now, due to their advantages, they are becoming more and more popular again. Therefore, it is worth considering their choice, but before that, you can get to know some of their advantages and features, as well as in which rooms floor lamps will work well and look good.

Lighting - lamps
Floor lamps – lighting

Room size and lamps

One of the alternatives to standing lamps are, among others, wall lamps. Both types of lamps are to be an addition to the main lamps, such as hanging lamps or chandeliers. Now it’s time to consider why you should choose standing lamps , not wall lamps that can look great, for example in the hallway.

First of all , floor lampsthey can in fact be placed anywhere in the room, as long as the length of the cable allows it, and if the cable does not reach the socket, an extension cord can always be used. So we can also freely move the standing lamp and place it where it will be more convenient for us, depending on the situation. If we want, it can be used by the armchair, and at other times by the sofa, and even if necessary, we can move it to the bedroom or kitchen. In the case of wall lamps, the matter is a bit more complicated, because their mounting is rather permanent and must be well planned, because they must illuminate a given point well, at the same time they must not disturb the household members. As for other advantages of standing lamps, their height should not be a problem. because if this is the whim of the buyer,you can always buy a lamp whose height can be lowered, or you can also invest in“broken” standing lamps , i.e. on special broken arms, thanks to which you can manipulate their height, tilt angle and the direction in which the light is to be directed. Due to the fact that the floor lamps can be reduced in height, when we take them to a new apartment, or if we like them, their height will not match the decor and size of the room, it is enough to lower or raise them and solve our problem .

Standing garden lamps

If someone is considering using lighting in the garden, there will certainly be a dilemma, how to make garden lamps to give the right atmosphere and at the same time give good lighting. Here, a good solution can be the use of round, nice and colorful light bulbs suspended on a string and additionally the use of standing lamps. At the same time, we will make sure that the garden has a nice climate, and when it is needed, we will have a lot of light. If we have a garden and we like to stay in it late in the summer, this solution can be really useful for us. However, remember that the garden may have different conditions, i.e. it may rain, there may be storms, or there may be other weather conditions, so the next question you should ask yourself is garden lamps, which cable to choose? Primarily,if they willfloor lamps , it should be ensured that the cable is long and has adequate insulation. Both moisture and any dirt can not get to the lamp, and above all the cable. It is worth investing in a better insulated cable so as not to risk various short circuits that can end in fire. In addition, it is also worth considering that the garden may have various animals that want to chew through the cable, so it must also be protected against such contingencies.

Floor lamps – are they suitable for every room?

Everyone should know some limitations, and they also exist in the case of solutions provided by floor lamps . While they can look really beautiful in gardens, living rooms and bedrooms or offices, they may not fulfill their function properly in the bathroom or in the hallway. First of all, they must be selected according to the size of the room and what it is supposed to be like. In the bathroom, they can be simply uncomfortable, and they can be disturbing, and when it comes to the corridor, they can take up too much space, because the corridors are usually quite narrow. and so they are very functional and useful. Floor lampswill be the right choice, thanks to which it will be possible to give a unique atmosphere to various places in the apartment. Additionally, it is worth choosing lamps that have additional functions.